Pustular Psoriasis – Causes and How This Type Of Psoriasis Is Treated

Pustular Psoriasis Pustular psoriasis is a rare type of psoriasis disease, which affects the entire body with eruptions with blisters containing pus, which are either clear or yellow pustular liquid. The skin of the affected area appears red, swollen and tender, which is filled with pustular fluid. The redness of the skin is due to […]

Plaque Psoriasis and How To Treat It

Plaque psoriasis is a common psoriasis that affects 90 percent of people, all over the world. This disease can attack persons from the age group of 16 and above. The plaque psoriasis is detected more with female gender that is affected at an early stage, than the male counterpart. The severity of this psoriasis initially […]

Guttate Psoriasis Treatment – How To Treat This Form Of Psoriasis

How To Treat Guttate Psoriasis Guttate psoriasis is a different type of psoriasis, which is diagnosed with its characteristically isolated laceration on the external of the skin that appears to look like teardrops. On the other hand, plaque psoriasis has a tendency to develop large rashes. In this psoriasis, each rash covers a considerable area […]

Inverse Psoriasis – How To Treat It

Inverse psoriasis is one of the several variant of psoriasis. This type of psoriasis affects the folds of the body, where there is frequent flexibility of skin to facilitate movement of body organs. It usually rises with red patches under the armpits, in between buttocks, under the breast of women, groin, navel, penis and lips. […]

Psoriasis Diet Treatment – Cure Psoriasis Through Diet

Psoriasis Diet Treatment The symptoms of psoriasis are usually cyclic as it occurs in phases of flare-ups and the recovery phase occurs in between when symptoms don’t exist. During the phase of remission the condition of skin gets better. Some believe that the type of food you eat during this phase plays a role in […]