Treatment Options For Scalp Psoriasis

To date there have not been many remedies for  psoriasis whose main reason for medication is to control and eliminate the rash immediately. However, the outburst of psoriasis of the scalp can occur time and again hence the affected person has to seek medication frequently, sometimes even for their entire life span. It is possible to seek varied medication alternatives to cure psoriasis of the scalp. Indeed, it is not easy to find one product which will suit everybody. The form of treatment that the physician will suggest solely depends on the type of psoriasis, the location of the problem and the degree of severity. There is a possibility that a certain treatment could suit more than one person and if one does not feel better then the affected person could try out a different  form of medication.

Vitamin D Treatments

Vitamin D medications are wonderful because they have the capability of reducing the speed to allow division of the skin cells however this could result in skin irritation. Efficient medication for psoriasis of the scalp can be done by the use of readily available ointments, creams and preparation of Calcipotriol for the scalp. For best results, one should mix vitamin D based psoriasis of scalp treatment and an additional medication for scalp psoriasis. For instance, any cream with Calcipotriol coupled with steroid can be used.

Steroid Ointments and Creams

Many people who suffer from psoriasis of the scalp apply steroid ointments and creams to lessen the inflammation. Shortcomings that comes with steroid usage are that occasionally if there is discontinued use of the cream or ointment then the reappearance or psoriasis with force is evident. Due to extended usage, the adverse side effects can be seen if powerful fragrances were used during the formulation of the creams. In an event that the creams are strong, a physician will prescribe steroids to the affected person for a short period of time.

It is vital to bear in mind that the usage of ointments and creams containing steroids is mandatory that they be used for a period of one month only hence a physician’s re-examination is obligatory. Steroid lotions can also be used for psoriasis of the scalp treatment. A good idea is to use gentle steroid cream or ointment on the face or skin that has been affected by psoriasis.

Coal Tar Treatments

Preparations for coal tar can also be used for scalp psoriasis medication however there has not been any study done to confirm the results. It is crucial to note that its usage could result in alterations in the skin cell generation. This product has a property for anti scaling and a lessening of the swellings. Several products for the skin have preparations for coal tar hence expectant mothers are advised to desist for these products during the first three months of their pregnancy.


Dithranol is not a new psoriasis medication alternative and one should bear in mind that it is not advisable to use it on a skin that is not affected because it could cause skin itchiness. It is good to read the directions well and ensure safety measures are looked into so that one does not tarnish their bed, hair, skin and bath.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid combined with a few other scalp psoriasis medication alternatives such as steroid creams and coal tar can be efficient. They work magic by weakening and bringing to the surface the psoriasis scales that develop on the body or scalp. At times skin itchiness can be experienced after using this product. Individuals who are vulnerable to aspirin are advised to stay clear of this form of medication because of the adverse effects.


Tazarotene is a cream that is vitamin A based and one can experience itchiness of the skin close to the affected area. For one to lessen the effects of Tazarotene it has to be rubbed fairly to the affected areas and normal skin should not come into contact with this product. Mothers who are expectant and breast feeding should stay away from this product.

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