Would Psoriasis Increase My Chances Of Getting Other Serious Illnesses?

Generally, Psoriasis is not a life threatening skin disorder, but it can have adverse effects to a patient’s overall lifestyle and quality of life, particularly with the myths and misconceptions about Psoriasis in the society. Psoriasis is much more than just the cosmetic disease you see. In fact, Psoriasis has been directly linked and associated with serious health concerns such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and even metabolic syndrome, a group of serious health problems that include high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, high blood sugar and high triglycerides.

A recent Psoriasis study, published in Archives of Dermatology, discovered that 40% of all Psoriasis patients have metabolic syndrome. Typically, this percentage is strikingly worrying because even people with metabolic syndrome in the entire population account to just 23%. The study also found that Psoriasis patients with abdominal fat had a 15% more chance of getting metabolic syndrome than those who didn’t.

Previous Psoriasis research has associated severe Psoriasis with Psoriatic arthritis, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even immune related conditions alike such as the Crohn’s disease.

The Psoriasis-Heart Health Link

Initially, cardiovascular diseases were linked to Psoriasis through unhealthy vices like smoking, obesity, and most importantly, massive psychosocial burden experienced by Psoriasis patients. However, recent in-depth research indicates that Psoriasis itself is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases. Most Psoriasis treatments act by suppressing the body’s immune system response, and surprisingly, this can harden cardiovascular arteries within time, resulting in heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular health problems.

Consequently, Psoriasis patients are highly advised to get frequent, comprehensive cardiovascular exams from their physicians, at least to keep their risk of heart problems at bay. Psoriasis patients are also intensely advised to keep away from unhealthy vices such as smoking, overeating and even excessive sun exposure.

The Psoriasis-Depression Link

A comprehensive Psoriasis study indicates that up to 24% of Psoriasis patients suffer from depression. Well, Psoriasis can incur considerably stress in a patient, resulting in mood disorders and depression. Depression in Psoriasis patients, a serious situation that must be dealt with effectively, can have adverse physical and emotional to a patient’s overall well being. Furthermore, depression is a notorious contributing factor to elevated risks of cardiovascular diseases, which already, is a great concern for Psoriasis patients.

The Psoriasis-Cancer Link

The Psoriasis-cancer link is much like the psoriasis-heart health link, because it’s often caused by immune suppressive drugs that are employed as Psoriatic treatments. Psoriasis has been directly associated with squamous cell carcinoma, a distinctive form of skin cancer, and lymphoma.

The above Psoriasis research discredits the perception that Psoriasis is just a cosmetic related problem as it can result in severe health problems. It’s highly advisable for Psoriasis patients to avert engaging in unhealthy and high risk vices such as overeating, alcohol abuse, smoking and sunlight overexposure. Avoiding these high risk vices and engaging in healthier life choices must be the ultimate priority of any Psoriasis patient, not forgetting the significance of overall body health checkups.

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